Emile Henry - Kitchen Tools


Emile Henry - Kitchen Tools

A special range to prepare and store directly on the kitchen worktop. Storage Jar, Spoon rest, Oil Cruet, Salt pig, bowls etc.

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Emile Henry - Butter Dish

Product no.: 0225

Emile Henry - Butter Dish - Made from HR® ceramic - butter stays fresh longer because it is protected from air and light.

39.90 *

Emile Henry - Salt barrel

Product no.: 0201

Emile Henry - Salt barrel - The unglazed interior of this salt barrel helps to absorb moisture and prevent your salt from clumping.

29.90 *

Emile Henry - Utensil Pot

Product no.: 0218

Emile Henry - Utensil Pot - Made from HR® ceramic - elegant spoon rest will help you when preparing your recipes

29.90 *

Emile Henry - Spoon Rest

Product no.: 0262

Emile Henry - Spoon Rest - The sloping edge of the Emile Henry spoon rest keeps food spills or splatters in one place.

19.90 *

Emile Henry - Mortar and pestle

Product no.: 0255

Emile Henry - Mortar and pestle - Thanks to the rough but non-porous inside, this mortar will not retain smells or stains.

29.90 *

Emile Henry - Mixing Bowls

Product no.: 6522-24

Emile Henry - Mixing Bowls 1,4 L & 2,7 L - Baking is easy with our mixing bowl. In different colors.

from 19.90 *

Emile Henry - Storage jar

Product no.: 8741-43-45

Emile Henry - Storage jar - for spices, dried herbs, tea, coffee or you can even keep jam in these attractive pots

from 24.99 *

Emile Henry - Oil / Vinegar Cruet

Product no.: 0215

Emile Henry - Oil / Vinegar Cruet - The cork and stainless pour spout measures out just the right amount.

31.90 *

Emile Henry Vinegar / Oil spout

Product no.: 45502610

Emile Henry Vinegar / Oil spout - For economical dosing of vinegar and oil. Made in France

7.95 *

Emile Henry - Tool Set - Silex

Product no.: 9762-95

Emile Henry - Tool Set - Oil / Vinegar Cruet and Spoon Rest - This set also makes a great gift ideas for food lovers and budding chefs.

49.90 *
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